Thursday, September 1, 2011

God's ART!

The Master Artist - how magnificent are HIS creations!
The Heavens are HIS handiwork!!!

And the SEAs .....

Flowers -

I trust these pictures have been a blessing to your soul!

Resting in HIM,


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland!

Just thought I'd post a few winter pics...
I'm not much of a winter fan but I do love to see the snow staying on the trees and bushes

The BIG tree beside our deck!
A view from the deck looking down into the backyard...
Another view from the deck down into the back yard -
Looking out towards the road...
Snow covered trees -
And last but not least - here is my Teddie-boy!
Have a wonderful day ... only 2 more months until the first official day of Spring - not that I'm counting or anything!
Resting in Him,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Summer Mish-Mash!

Here is a sampling of the photos I've taken this summer... It has been an incredible summer so far weather-wise! Lots of fun with friends and family!

The other morning I awoke to the cattle in the backyard... I didn't get a picture of Mr. Bull - he was long gone by the time I had my camera in hand! Probably a good thing! This is April and Moses, our 2 newest additions.
These are the 2 mommas! There have been some rainy days -
And magnificent days -
These pics were taken at Stoney Island beach - about an hours drive from home... when we arrived there my 7 year old granddaughter exclaimed, "This was worth the drive." I am in full agreement with her.

This is Port Maitland Beach ... a much closer beach ... the one we usually visit.

And of course, - Flowers!!!

The Western sky - from our deck!

I hope you have enjoyed a peek into my world -
I am so blessed to live where I live; to have the family and friends that I have!
God truly is a good God and I praise HIM!
Blessings on your day today!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Winter Artwork...

I read somewhere the other day that "doodling" is art! So - here is some of my winter artwork!
I can't NOT do it! Hope that makes sense! I have always wanted to "draw" or "paint" - maybe someday I'll take a lesson or two! :)

Hope you enjoy what you see here! If you haven't tried it - give it a shot! You will feel totally relaxed in the process!

Here is a teardrop and the bottle that God collects them all in!

One of my favorite foods is pizza! I've never seen one quite like this however.

The shape of this one is taken from a plate I have that was my moms - I remember her using the plate when I was just a youngen.

Here is my library!
Yearning for Spring!
Some swirls!


An Onion!
Circles & Flowers...
Happy Spring!

Monday, March 15, 2010


This is March Break week and we have company.... daughter and granddaughter for most of the week. Such fun! We have been doing some beading.... hope you enjoy this pictoral peek into some of our beading projects!

This is 7-year old Madison's bracelet! She chose the beads and the colors, and mom helped her start and finish the project! Great job!
These next four were made by Angela-Rae.... I think she's found a "hobby" she loves to do!
This is a magnetic bracelet!Here are my current projects!

Thanks for stopping by this place where I share the things that bring me joy and peace in this crazy world! I hope you too, have things in your life that do the same for you!
Of course, the biggest blessing for me is having these special girls home!
Blessings and Hugs!