Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Summer Mish-Mash!

Here is a sampling of the photos I've taken this summer... It has been an incredible summer so far weather-wise! Lots of fun with friends and family!

The other morning I awoke to the cattle in the backyard... I didn't get a picture of Mr. Bull - he was long gone by the time I had my camera in hand! Probably a good thing! This is April and Moses, our 2 newest additions.
These are the 2 mommas! There have been some rainy days -
And magnificent days -
These pics were taken at Stoney Island beach - about an hours drive from home... when we arrived there my 7 year old granddaughter exclaimed, "This was worth the drive." I am in full agreement with her.

This is Port Maitland Beach ... a much closer beach ... the one we usually visit.

And of course, - Flowers!!!

The Western sky - from our deck!

I hope you have enjoyed a peek into my world -
I am so blessed to live where I live; to have the family and friends that I have!
God truly is a good God and I praise HIM!
Blessings on your day today!


  1. The photos are totally awesome...I am so blessed that God is in my life, would not want it any other way Amen

  2. I look at your pictures and it feels like you are me..very strange .
    The Lord is fun. May He bless you and all that is is presious to you today..