Friday, May 22, 2009

Do You Have the Time? #29

Greetings on this beautiful day!
I have been having great fun with my camera.... and have some interesting photos to show you over the next little while .... I will NOT post regularly to this site! I don't have the TIME to do that ... but will post as led to do so!

This is another SCS challenge from a while ago ... I love this area in town on the waterfront... When my granddaughter was very small we went there one day to walk and for her to play and she called it "going to China" ... all I can figure out is that the structure reminded her of something she had seen in a book re. China! She would say to me on later visits, "Can we go to China, Grammie?"

The parts of this clock you see here were in the old firehall tower when I was a child .... I don't remember if it rang in the morning but I do remember that it chimed at 5:30 every night!!! Supper time! Time to "close up the town" I guess... things were much different then than they are today! More peaceful and laid back; lots of family time; stores only open one night a week; local butcher down the street; local fish market around the corner; the local banker and pharmacist knew you; bought chees right off the block!; you found a pond outside to skate on in the winter; I could go on and on! Guess my age is showing, isn't it?
Oh my! Where did all that come from! TIMES sure have changed!
BUT - Praise the Lord! - He is in control of it all!
Here are some pics...

Hope you enjoy!

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