Sunday, June 21, 2009

FLYING Creatures

I just had to show off this funny-looking fellow! What an amazing creature... just a moth! But oh! so beautiful in construction - and all I'm looking at is the outside.
Every year we see the most strange looking moths around our place ...this is the first of many!

Here he is on Friday p.m. clinging to the window screen of the shop.
Then Satruday noon he was on our backdoor... do you see the "hearts" on his wings?
This one is taken looking down on him - so I could get a view of his face... I'm sure people driving by must have thought I was a little carzy as I was perched almost upside down to achieve this! :)

Doesn't he have an "interesting" face? And look at the"hairiness" of his head and "legs"
I hope you have been as fascinated by him as I am!
This noon - Sunday - when I arrived home from church I found him caught in a spider web. :(
May you never forget how awesome each creature is ... and how magnificent the Creator!
Have a wonderfufl day!
Peace and Joy!

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