Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's a Bird! It's Plane! It's a Squirrel!

What a beautiful day this has been!
Even tho it stays a little chilly I have had the patio doors open to fill the house with freshness!
Of course, the birds are singing and having a great time at the full feeders.

I just happened to look outside a little earlier and saw another visitor at my feeders - a young squirrel. This is not the best picture in the world b/c I took it thru the window ...
please forgive the fuzziness of it.
He did run away when I went outside... ran under a shrub and just stood there looking at me... wonder what he was thinking!
He was pretty tame - I was able to get quite close to him without him running. He was just too cute! However the squirrels are a nuisance - and when you live in a old farmhouse like we do you don't want them creeping inside! Nor do I want them eating the birdseed!
Here are a few more of him on the deck and his friend in the tree!

Thanks for peeking in here! I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Blessings on you today!
May there be Joy in your heart!

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