Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He's Home! :)

I picked up my new puppy today... he is just adorable... all 1 pound and 5 ounces of him! LOL!

The lady who had his mom and looked after her and the pups since birth, is having a hard day today! The other male had already gone when I arrived to pick up JT. As I thanked her so much for providing me with this opportunity she began to cry! So - guess what? There were 2 of us crying then!

I've had JT outside for a little run on the deck, and at another time around the yard. He's had "supper" and has slept a lot! Of course, he had some cuddle time! :0

Buster - Kev's 7 month old Border Collie - who is soooooo handsome - met JT at supper time... he wasn't quite sure what this little thing was!

Here is JT sleeping in his crate...
Here is Buster wondering what this contraption is and what is that in there?In this one they are looking at each other...
I then picked JT up and held him so Buster could introduce himself to the little one!
Hope you enjoyed!
I promise not to bore you with lots of pics of the dog (s)...
Hope you've had a great day!
*** HUGS ***

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