Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photo Challenge #40 - Up Above

The Current Photo Challenge at SCS is to "look up" and take pics "up above" - as I looked thru my photos I found I had a few...This first one is of myself and my daughter lying in a hammock (taken 3 years ago!) and the second one is the view we had from that hammock! It was a beautiful summer day spent with aunts and cousins!

This next one is a view of the sky on a Saturday not too long ago... isn't the color gorgeous?
Here is one of the Farmer's Market sign ... I used a zoom so the perspective may not be as it would be if I had just taken it showing the height of it!
These next two are taken from our deck - one during the day, the next one at night....
both with the same branches in the forefront...

Here is the peak of an old building in the downtown area.

Hope you enjoyed these... we're heading out soon ... see you another time! Blessings! ............ RUTHIE

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