Friday, October 30, 2009

Beads, Beads, and More Beads!

Good morning!
This morning I want to share some photos of my first (well, not really first - probably second) attempt at making jewellery. I am an amateur in the best sense of the word ... and am doing this for my own pleasure - and to bless others with gifts! So look out!
I'm having a blast with this!
Here are some of my current creations!
Hope you enjoy!

My new watch!

And finally - A Salvation bracelet: using crystals of 6 colors: black = sin; red = His blood; white = purity; blue = Holy Spirit indwelling; green = new growth; yellow = heaven!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful day! Isn't it beautiful out! Cool and crisp and fresh!
Thank You Lord, for this day!

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