Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life On The Farm...

Here is a pictoral view of life on the farm - for me!
This is a beautiful morning view from our sunroom! We see gorgeous sunrises [ of course one has to be up in time for that! :0 ] and the most magnificent sunsets!

This is an old tree that was growing here when we arrived a little over 11 years ago. It only blooms for a week or so - in early August - it is just gorgeous!

Close up view of the "flowers"...
We no longer have train service to this end of the province; the old track was taken up and the trail passess thru our property - here is a little girl and her dog walking on the 'track'!
Believe it or not, the best squash in the county is grown right here!
Here's 'the man' checking his crop!
Animals - of all shapes and sizes!
Free-range chicken!
This guy is just tooooo cute ... but he's also nasty to have around. How can anything so cute be so destructive, I wonder? I can just imagine he's saying "who are you?"
Roses blooming on October 31 - have never seen this before! and they are still in bloom today!(November 11)
Here's the farmer and his 'side-kick' taking a much needed break!
An escaped pig!
Pickles!!! Ummmmm!
This one missed the slaughter - Somebody brought some 'chickens' for hubby to slaughter and this one got away! I wonder if he's aware of how fortunate he is at this moment!
And - last but not least - here is one of those magnificent sunsets! What a privilege to see such evidence of God's glory!
I hope you enjoyed this tour of our simple life - although there are many days when it certainly does not feel simple b/c of "stuff". May you be richly bessed today!
Resting in HIM,

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